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 Banks reduce their carbon footprint by using digital solutions of VeriPark

 Banks reduce their carbon footprint by using VeriPark’s digital solutions

  • Sustainable banking


Green is the new black. As an environmentally responsible company, VeriPark is not only working for the present, it is also investing in the future. The company makes a positive difference in the world by helping its customers to become more sustainable banks. Through its Digital Banking, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking solutions, VeriPark helps banks to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact of serving their customers.  

By collaborating with VeriPark, banks take a step forward in creating a healthy and sustainable world. Thanks to VeriPark’s innovative digital solutions, the bank customers carry out many transactions using digital channels anytime, anywhere. Therefore, they avoid unnecessary trips to branches and reduce transportation-related environmental footprints. They also empower their customers to extend green living to the way they bank through reduced paper consumption and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.